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01-15-2012, 04:44 PM
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How much of this is Suter afraid of staying on in Weber's shadow? No matter how much he enjoys playing with Shea, I seriously wonder if he will ever be as recognized for his own talent as long as they are a tandem.

None of us can know more than is in the public record at this time, but if I read the tea leaves (his statements and the fact a contract is known to be on the table) I see hints that he is not signing because he is not willing to commit to Nashville. I agree with 101st and others who question if DP is willing to make a move of this magnitude during the season with the franchise surging and in the hunt. If you look at deals made before the deadline since the salary cap, I can't think of a single team in that position trading away a precious asset, without some in-season roster-changing player(s) coming back in return. After the season is over, teams are willing to take more risks on a rebuild like that, IMHO. The other factor is you really don't want to trade that guy in conference and have to face him so much all year and to emerge from conference play, if you can help it at all.

Personally, as much as I would like to be wrong, I am starting think of what the roster would be like post-Suter. If he can remain healthy and continue his stellar play, Josi could be nearing that level of play in a year or two. If the right top 3 guy came back, already inked (or pledged to ink longer term), that could be the difference in making the leap. I do think, philosophically, building with depth scoring and high character players (as DP does) results in better post-season play. One scoring line teams just don't make deep runs. Too easy to play matchup against them.

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