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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
Forgive the assumption, but if it walks like a duck.... This kind of irrational focus on assists and goals combined with sweeping statements concluding how players suck because they aren't scoring is a giant neon sign that flashes "fantasy analysis" = stats trump all when it comes to evaluating a player.

Fantasy hockey has done more to ruin intelligent hockey conversation than anything else over the past decade. "so and so sucks.... and the reason is he doesn't score enough".

Kopitars scoring droughts are an annual tradition, but saying he sucks because of it is ridiculous. Any team would still kill to have him for his d-zone play alone. Loktionov had a terrific game last night by doing things that enable the rest of the team to have success, and he's been doing it for several games now.

If you can't see that, even after I post a video that blatantly points out just one example of it... you can see why so few are taking your opinion seriously.
Where did I say that? Do you read posts before responding to them? BTW, I have been defending Kopitar drought or not. Doughty as well.

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