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01-15-2012, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by drivesrf View Post
Thanks! I'm worried its the skate because it feels like the blade is trying to push through the bottom of the boot, but the skates are in good condition, so I dont know.
pretty unlikely it's a blade coming through the sole.

the actual reason for the pain might be an injured muscle. not torn or anything, but it could be a badly untreated bruise/strain/adhesion. there are a lot of muscles in the foot. not all of them are engaged/shortened unless the foot is in a specific position under specific stress. the skate might cause that particular muscle to shorten past its ability, or it might provide extra stress on another muscle through an insertion point/ligament.

long story short, that muscle is in need of deep tissue massage to relieve the adhesion.

i had a similar experience when i had to rent an extra narrow skate once. i had foot pain for weeks afterwards using my own skates that were comfortable before. it went away when i did the above therapy with a golf ball.

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