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01-15-2012, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
Of course race is different than language, because one is visible the other is not.
The fans want to hear from the coach themselves. They can't do that if the guy doesn't speak their language. I get where they are coming from here.

And it's one thing to add a unilingual coach when you've got a cup caliber team and might win a championship, it's quite another when you've got a bubble team and hire a rookie Anglo with no head coaching NHL experience. That's just a boneheaded move.
Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
The french thing has slowed us down. Regardless of whether we have french players on our team it is the primary target of every columnist outside of the gazette in the province. The appetite for a french star ultimately cost us Lats. He couldn't deliver or handle the pressure. Was pushed far too soon and pressure for him to be on the top line was fodder for any fool who could type. Lappy found a perfect role in Vancouver. He could have played that role here, but there was so much external pressure for him to be top 6, a role he is not suited for, that ultimately the habs moved him as well.

The language of the NHL is English. Very rarely would the right candidate be available who is bilingual and the most qualified. This team however is required to pick from a very small pool. Hitchcock is a great coach, and ineligible to coach here. How ******** is that.

No superstars. Correct. Not likely to change any time soon. If you were a star in this league would you come to a market where your every move is dissected and you have to work for a coach that was chosen for his linguistic skill not his hockey knowledge.
You're missing the bus here man.

First, superstars rarely become UFA's to begin with. Their teams won't let them. And you're right, a lot don't want to come here. Whether you're Montreal or some other team it's hard to get established superstars from other teams anyway.


GO THE DRAFT ROUTE. If you draft a superstar all those problems go away. An 18 year old kid is just happy to be drafted. He's not going to say no if Montreal drafts him. That's the solution here. That's how you get superstars!

The language issue... isn't that big an issue at all. It's not what's holding us back. What's holding us back is that we don't have great players to begin with. THAT's the problem.

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