Thread: Speculation: Carey Price contract discussion
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01-15-2012, 09:43 PM
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Price after this season is RFA for 1 more year, then he's UFA.

This essentially is the time you lock him up... Because if it's left to next year, it'll be quite tense.

If there was anyone on the team I'd say to lock up for 10 years, it's Price. I wouldnt want to see him go anywhere else.

Maybe, we could stagger it, to make the cap hit less? It'd help out his chances on having a successful team, and it's not like it's not likely he gets endorsements... Espescialy with better play.

I agree with the poster above who mentioned the Superstar players like longetivity on their contracts.
& as for what Price has proven... IMO I think the decision has to factor in everything. Watching him play nightly makes me realize this kid is a special talent.
Is he worth it? I guess that's debateable... But no one else I have seen on this team would be more deserving of it.

Complacency would be my only concern...

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