Thread: Post-Game Talk: 3 Stars and GBR: #43 @ Montreal
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01-15-2012, 09:18 PM
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A lot to say about this game...

This epitomizes exactly how the Rangers should NOT play. Weak on the puck, high risk passes in the neutral zone, and too much overall panic in the defensive zone. The defensive play in this game was akin to that of a last place team. All of those goals were very preventable had the team made the simple, efficient play. Instead, they decided to try the pass-to-nowhere and leave their man along the wall and in the slot. It was simply too easy for Montreal to control the puck in the Rangers' defensive zone. Also, the Rangers were entirely too soft all-around tonight. What happened to the 50+ hits we saw last night? Maybe it wore them out, but I don't think I could count the number of legitimate checks the Rangers made tonight on one hand. They made it so easy for the Montreal D to just exit the zone unpunished. The Rangers will not win any games playing this style. They beat themselves tonight.

Gaborik, Callahan, and Richards NEED to be better, too. Watching them fail to produce anything in the offensive zone shift after shift is getting very frustrating. I love Gaborik, but right now, we're watching the Gaborik that MSG the place to be constantly describes...terrible puck carrier, shies away from contact, and defended with ease. He needs to start finding the seams and stop turning the puck over on every rush. Richards has been very disappointing in my eyes. The GWG are nice, but where is tghe premier playmaker that was sold to us over the summer? 58 points is simply unacceptable from a player being paid what he's being paid....hoesntly, he's starting to move into that "bad contract" category. He's different from Drury/Gomez because of the other elements he adds, but his play right now is just hard to watch. Callahan has been his typical all-around self, but he's got 1 point in the last 5 games. Again, he needs to pick it up.

Of course, this team never wins in Montreal, so maybe I'm over-examining this, but I still have my concerns.

Just find a way to the next 2.


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