Thread: PGT: Montreal Wins 4-1
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01-15-2012, 10:29 PM
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I want to make a couple comments on Gomez. Seeing him play tonight really made me feel good about this team. Did anyone have notice that sense of hostility on this team this year, that uneasiness, that unhappiness?

Gomez is probably the nicest and most easy-going guy on the team. You can always catch him encouraging guys and making them smile while on the bench or even in the penalty box. I LOVE players like this; they help bring character, confidence and cooperation to a team.

You got the feeling guys were enjoying themselves more and Gomez brought an aspect to the game we haven't seen much this season.

Also, he played awesome. When he was handling the puck he looked like a beast. He made slick passes all game, and orchestrated a beautiful play for Blunden's goal. If he looked that good on a line with Blunden and Darche, imagine how good he could look with Cole and Pacioretty?

He looked like a top-six player tonight, and if he keeps this up, I wouldn't mind him taking some of Plekanec or Eller's minutes more and more often. It was really encouraging to see Scotty's old self all over the ice again tonight.

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