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01-15-2012, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by RoDu View Post
All you have to do is make the playoffs, then anything can happen. One would think 2010 would still be in most memories around here in one form or another

I would think people referencing 2010 would be old enough to remember that we were the cup favorites going into the season. Did we struggle early? You bet we did. But we still had veteran talent from top to bottom of that lineup. We had Pronger and Timonen in their primes, Briere, Richards, Carter in their primes, Gagne in his prime, Giroux coming into his own, etc.

That was a stacked team that experts expected to take the cup.

Just because they struggled early, that didn't suddenly change anything... expectations were still the same (or at least they were for me) and they should've been for you too.

Flash forward to this year. Where were the expectations? Most people expected us to be a fringe playoff team, to be out in the 1st / 2nd round, etc. Nothing has changed. Some rookies played above their heads for the first half, we stayed relatively healthy till the Pronger concussion, and as a result, we're in 4th. But things have changed now. Some of the rookies and young players who got off to hot starts have cooled off. We are without our captain and our best defenseman. Our one and only true power forward (who gave Boston fits and is exactly the kind of player you need against the Rangers and the Bs) is hurt and won't be getting better till the offseason.

I just think the 2010 comparison is night and day to 2011-2012. We cannot / will not win a championship with Chris Pronger on the shelf, 5 rookies in the starting lineup, etc. When's the last time a team won the Cup with their captain / their #1 defenseman out injured for the entire playoffs?

Someone enlighten me...

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