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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
HockeyGuy, crossing the middle of your body with the arms does not significantly happen with either style. your hand might cross it simply because your elbow is bent, but the arm itself does not. swinging side to side vs front to back is defined whether the main part of the movement is arm adduction/abduction or scapular retraction/protraction. in the speed skating video above, the side-to-side movement is hand moving away from the body and back (like bracko advocates, read his thesis if you wish), while front to back is hand moving from your hand to your butt and sometimes way behind your back (you can see it quite clearly on speedskater's crossovers and in the stamm video you linked).

here is a quote when you brought the running arm motion into the discussion. it's not a strawman to say that point is irrelevant.

the movements of your legs must be coordinated with the movement of your arms for mechanical efficiency. just because you are moving forward in both the 100m dash and on skates, doesn't mean the same arm movement would be efficient. running is not a lateral push, while skating is. therefore, you can't run with a scapular swing, but you can skate with it.

lastly, acceleration is much more important in hockey than top speed. it is not just linear acceleration, but lateral acceleration is what allows you to make quicker and tighter turns. once again physics. the long stride at top speed is less useful if you can't make a 180 turn inside a faceoff circle.
Read the opening clause of my statement. Nobody is debating that skating is different because of lateral movements of legs. Also, nobody is debating that arm and leg movements need to be coordinated. Your speed skating video supports the notion that forward/back arm movements with long strides are optimal.

Regarding acceleration, Bure is probably known for having the greatest acceleration of any player. What did he do? He brought his feet completely under him in order to start each stride on an outside edge.

As for Bracko's style, here is a video link. I'm really impressed by the "objective evidence" of these studies performed by the "doctor." I'm not saying he doesn't have more rigorous studies, but these videos explain in summary his theories. I also like how he classifies the arm swing he performs as the "normal" way of skating.

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