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01-16-2012, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
No offense, but pretty much nothing. Carter is always hurt and always will be. Check that career ppg when it counts, after the all star break and in the playoffs. I don't have the stat, but I can tell you it's night and day vs. his first halfs. The guy disappeared every year when it counts so what's the point for a team like the Flyers that makes the playoffs every year.

PPG stats for two teenage rookies and two 22/23 yr olds that don't play on a top line and see little to no pp time vs. two 27 yr. olds in their prime that play first line pp and with star players.

Since you like ppg, Jake and Simmonds nearly equal the two clowns and would likely be higher if on first unit pp and playing with a Nash or Kopitar caliber players like they are.

Then you still have 5th and 8th overall pics that are 19 and 20 yrs. old. When have the Flyers picked that high? JVR and then going off memory Mike Ricci in 1991? Almost 20 years.

Holmgren turned a last placed team into a contender in 1-2 years. He made the deals. But he doesn't argue on internet forums so I guess you guys are right and he's wrong
About 10 months ago he and Giroux were producing the bulk of the Flyers offense, what with Richards being hurt, Versteeg being hurt/useless, JVR not really doing anything, and Briere's line cooling off in a bad way. At least try to get your facts straight.

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