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11-07-2003, 11:42 AM
Stone Cutter
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For some reasons, i don't think that Koivu would be part of that deal. If you look back at what was given for guys like Jarg, Lindros (to go to NY) and Kovalev, there were rarely a big name involve in the return. When dealing with a salary dump, the value of the return is always lower. Paying Koivu and Brisebois seems to me overpaying when comparing what Kovalev was traded for. However, the market may be different now...

From a Habs point of view though, a deal fetching Jarg could make sens... if the price was along the lines of Perreaul + Brisebois + pick/mi-level prospect and that WSH was paying good part of Jagr salary for this year and a smaller part of it the following years.

Financially, the Habs can probably add a million or two the the payroll, provided that WSH pay the differece betwin the Jarg salary and the sum of Perrault and Brisebois for this year...So technicaly, this would be a status quo.

Subsequent years, we will be loosing a bunch of players (Juneau, Dackell, etc.) freeing some for a bigger commitment to Jarg's salary. Lets say that we take 9 to 10 millions and WSH 1 to 2... we can do it.

Now some may argue that this could compromised the yought movement. As long as we are not giving up a top prospect, a good pick or... koivu I don't see why this trade would compromided this new philosophy.

Finally, the only way that this deal make sens from a Habs point of view is if Koivu is not invove. What good would it make to the team if our #1 centre goes? Having a first line of Zednik-Koivu-Jarg would be great....for a couple of more year (despite the fact that Jarg is 32).

I don't know if the deal (Brisebois+perreault) make sens for the Caps, but i can see us being better off after making the deal.

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