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01-16-2012, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Love it when people use Crosby and Yzerman as examples!!!!!!!!!

Yzerman was AMAZING!! warrior in regular season and playoffs.
He's a young legend.

Crosby...already 1 Cup and 1 Cup Final.

Markov? NOTHING. ZILCH. Has done nothing in playoffs.
Check his mother*****ing playoff stats.
His playoff stats say it all unless you're in complete denial.
He's a ****ing waste of time and money.
And he ****ed up our season.
His fault or not he asked and got way too much...GREEDY ****.
I'm not talking about fun or not (rehab), I'm talking about all this waiting and no results.

Get rid of Markov NOW. What the **** does it take for some (not all) Hab fans to realize that you are being ***** off by this whole waiting-for-Markov situation. He's getting his 5.75mil and Habs are getting nothing in return.

Bottom line...Markov has done nothing for our Habs for 3 seasons.
Markov has more skill blindfolded then all of our d combined.

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