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01-16-2012, 06:02 AM
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Yeah, Koivu is out. It sucks.

But will all you ****ing ultrapessemists at least wait to see how the team responds in Philly and Toronto before throwing in the towel?

Honestly I think this is good for the team long term. We've all seen what happens to the team when Koivu goes down. This is their chance to either show they've learned how to fill that leadership vacuum and play without him, or take the time to learn how to do it.

Yeah, we lose a lot with Koivu, but if the team can dig deep and work to fill in the hole rather than just throwing in the towel, and we can play a little above .500, we're still in this in a month when he comes back.

Then again, if he is injured very seriously, it might be best just to have surgery and get him healthy for next year. At which point the whole rest of the season becomes an exercise in winning without Koivu.

As for trades, well, I certainly hope that GMCF is still planning on sticking to the plan and not going to firesale the prospects unless that one golden trade comes along where it would actually be worth it to trade a strong possibility for a proven sure thing. But I highly doubt that trade will materialize.

More likely is a trade for depth at center for peanuts. Someone to fill the void at third or fourth line when everyone moves up a line.

I know it looks bad, and there is a very strong possibility that this is the week where the season stops spiraling the drain and actually goes down it, but I'm going to reserve judgment until I see how the Wild respond to this latest adversity in Philly and Toronto.

Yeah, I'm most likely going to be blowing up Eddy Xmas Disaster style sometime this week, but I'm gonna wait to do it rather than just call it all done before the engine has actually blown up on this car were in with no wheels left.

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