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01-16-2012, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
Setanta 1 is available in Ireland, it shows games, both live and 'as live'.

Today at 3:30pm they have Habs Bruins(as live). they have Wild, Hawks(As live) on saturday midday, right before the Man United - Bolton game, so I'd assume pubs have that channel so you may be able to get them to put NHL games on for you.

Also Setanta Ireland has Wings Hawks live 5:30pm on Saturday. So on Saturday if you like the premier league you could go to a bar at midday and watch the previous nights hawks game, then man united, then the hawks wings game live.
I might have to try that, thanks!

I figured it was a long shot when I posted it originally, but I'd been having some problems with the internet (europe typical) so I'm still hoping I can find some way to see some games on a real TV

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