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11-07-2003, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Sled2300
Why should I take your word Darth that Parrish is perfect and the NYI will not be trading him anytime soon?

Look at it this way if there was a rumor that Sutter was looking to trade Iglina and Scatchard was listed as of interest. Wouldn't you like to see an offer that favors NYI now. Don't look down on me for wanting my team to improve at the expensive of another.

Let's face it Gm's get ripped off all the time and although at the time the deal may have made some sense (weither your just looking out for the future or whatever) I think it is about time Calgary comes out ahead of a trade for once. Is that so wrong for me to want that as a fan?

Darth you have been dismissing my offers but are afraid to come up with your own? Do you fear that you will come under the microscope that you place above all these inferior proposals. If your such the expert based on the information that I was going by which is Parrish and Hamrlik are in deed being shopped what do you see as a FAIR deal for both sides then?
according to the press in the last 10 months.

Izzy or Torres,was being dealt to the Panthers for some combination of Yushkevich,Novo,etc.

DiPietro was going to the B's for McLaren+spare parts.

Peca was going to the Blues for Demitra.

Hamrlik was going to TB for spare parts,then later Hamrlik was going to Toronto for spare parts.

Parrish was going to FL for Novo+spare parts.

Now the press saying the Fl;ames have interest in Parrish means little.

Isles have a surplus of younger,cheaper forwards then Parrish,so who knows,maybe they do deal Parrish at some point,but if it is a salary dump,don't expect the nyi to take on impending ufas like Conroy or players that are similar to the ones they already have-

Isles have skilled propsects Weinhandl(47 pts last yr) and Papineau,aside from 2-3 other young forwards.Saprykin to LI makes no sense for the nyi.

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