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Originally Posted by geeman View Post
bro , lets look at the facts

I have no issue with Cole at all , never did

but understand what I have mentioned on previous threads

as good as he has played , we arent going anywhere

We are not a Cole away from anything

I need Cole at 24 not 34 , plus WE ARE NOT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS

so how great a signing is this , seriously ? he has played well but comon folks , when you sign these guys like Cole , its to put you

over the top and or moving into contender status , not to be 8 points out with no shot at making it realistically

once again these bandaid patch deals get you knowhere , when you dont have a core group to work with

when Cole is on your top line with DD , it shows how far off we are to compete for anything and thats what its all about

this is not a bash Cole thread , its reality and the bottom line how bad we really are
Well to be honest, who would have thought this team would have been this bad this year? I didn't think adding Cole was going to make us a Stanley Cup contender, but I did feel like we could finish anywhere between 4th and 8th in the conference. After that, its a crap shoot in the playoffs, you never know.

In a year where nothing has gone right for the Habs, injuries, dissapointing veterans, incompetence from behind the bench and at head office, this is one of the few bright spots. If you want to bash the habs, there are about 10 other threads to do it. This is just to discuss this particular player and signing and how great he's been for us this year, regardless of how bad the team is playing.

4 years was probably 1 year too many, but in the end I think he's in a great shape and seems dedicated to the sport. Hopefully he won't lose too much of that speed over the next few year. Also, he seems to have been a great role model for Pacioretty who has come back much stronger than expected this year, and is playing without fear.

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