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11-07-2003, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikey 71
Come on guys, put away the Weight-coloured glasses. Chest thumpers, sit down too. Obstruction or no obstruction, you don't go at a player's head like Weight did. I have been a fan of Weight back to his days here in the Soo at Lake State, but the guy easily deserves 5 games at the very least. It was freakin Sedin! If he was THAT pissed, he should have been more of a man and drop his gloves. Going at his head the way he did showed that he is a coward to a certain degree.

I have been a fan of Weight for quite a long time and will be for quite a while longer, but he has to pay for what he did. If it was an Oiler in place of Sedin, you would be crying bloody murder, and you all know it too.

I expect 5 games but hope for 8. Yeah, I have Weight in my Hockey News Pool so it would cost me to , but accountability is accountability.

Edited to add that I just went to and they have a still shot of the cross check. It wasn't even a case of Weight trying to give him a shot in the face with his gloves. The pic CLEARLY shows how far apart his gloves are. It was a deliberate attempt to injure a player, and there is no way to twist it. Man I am shocked that Weight would fall to that level. NHL, you have stated in the past your desire to address head shots, now you can show that it doesn't matter who the player is. Star or not, Weight deserves to get nailed for this.
IMO, it doesn't matter if the offender is a player you like or hate, or if the victim is someone that is deemed to "deserve" it.

Weight deserves to be suspended and deserved the 4 games that he was given.

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