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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
12 of Richards' 31 points have come from the PP. More than any other player on the team. Last year he had 29 PP points. So he's on pace to fall short of that mark by 4 or 5 points this year. Can't see how that's the problem. Also, wasn't fixing the PP part of the reason he was signed in the first place?

He's supposed to be a 1st line center. A guy that makes the players around him better. Kudos to him for the mentoring he's doing for Stepan and Del Zotto, but we need him to do more on the ice. You can say "get him better line mates" but what does it say to that point when his primary line mate has just as many points as he does? I agree he needs a consistent option on the LW, but he just hasn't been doing what he needs to do on the ice. He looks rushed and confused whenever he has the puck. He has to be better in spite of whatever circumstances he's in.
The reason the power play is the reason is because you need to think the opposite of how you're viewing it. Look at 5-on-5. What linemates does Richards have that compare to Eriksson and Benn? No one. If people expect Richards to put up the same type of points that he did in Dallas then he damn sure better make up those extra points on the power play, because even strength he does not have the same supporting cast that he did in Dallas. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Fixing the power play is the reason they say everyone is signed. It was one of the big reasons people were thrilled when Renney was canned as well, because Torts was a power play genius.

Well needless to say the power play has been just as bad, if not worse, under Torts.

We just don't have many natural finishers besides Gaborik, and for whatever reason we don't seem to ever get him to puck in good areas on the PP.

You can't expect Richards to fix the power play when every time he sets someone up they can't finish.

The bottom line is this power play is a big, big problem. We spend more than half of it trying to get in the zone and set up. That's a coaching problem, IMO. This team never seems to know what they're doing.

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