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Originally Posted by DrunkenHabz View Post
What I like about Desharnais when compared to Eller is that he got the split second Eller doesn't have yet... or maybe he had in his 4-goals game but lost it afterwards. He finishes his plays. Passes are on the tape. He's not doing spins and fancy plays for no reason, and if he does, it's all calculated and it doesn't fail as much as when Eller tries it. Not bashing Eller here, he's got talent too, but DD has a huge advance in my opinion.
Like someone said just above, that split second is a three years advantage wich is huge when comparing a 25 year old to a 22 year old.

Originally Posted by fufonzo View Post
Why does it have to be Eller vs DD vs Pleks.

How anyone can hate on DD at this time is beyond me. The kid is playing amazingly. He is a BIG reason for his line's success right now. He's not a great defensive player, but his offensive skill is definitely up there.

Eller is young but clearly has potential. He's got good offensive instincts and is strong defensively. Let the kid develop.

Pleks is Pleks. Not playing up to his usual standard but he's never playing with the same wingers either so he's always having to adjust. He's still very effective defensively though.
I think alot of it has to do with Plek fan and Eller fan getting the feeling they are both getting shafted by DD getting the easier minutes+two best wingers. I know I did get that feeling sometimes but, while they were alot of injuries, the best way to win was probably to let Plek handle tough matchups by himself while Eller took the rest backed up by our first D pair to help him. The DD line did really good in its role so it stuck.

But it's pretty easy to understand why Pleky fans wouldn't like seeing our best overall player and leading scorer of the past few year getting all the scrap wingers and brutal assignments espescially since he's been getting alot of heat these past few weeks for playing in a situation in wich, as much as I like his offence, DD would be getting burned in.

As for Eller fans (like right here ) it can get frustrating seeing him get critised for every single D mistake (espescially since lots are worst than him on the team), not getting a chance on the PP and not getting the chance to devellop his Offensive game by getting softer matchups with 2 good wingers wich in the end is probably for the best (mostly the soft matchups )since they don't project as the same type of player at all and the best two-way centers (Richards,Kesler,Koivu..) aren't the type of players who are develloped in the same way DD is. It's also pretty annoying seeing the guy called a bust who'll top out as a 3rd line center because he somehow can't be on pace for 50 ES points in his second full NHL season (as a 22 year old), playing a pretty defensive role, anyone who expected that has some crazy idea about player devellopment.

But in the end I think all 3 can be on the same thing. Sure if one has to get moved to the wing I would move DD before Eller since we need Eller's skill set at center more but if they both remain centers I could see, in a best case scenario for both, DD being the Briere to Eller's Richards. Not the same player at all, and I'm more of a Richards fan (Subban comment exluded ) than a Briere one, but they both excel in their specific roles and both have their use on a contending team.

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