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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Eller's two-way game is severly overrated. He's a good responsible player but his offensive game isn't up to par and his defensive game isn't elite like Staals. Staal is worlds ahead of Eller and may always be. I consider Staal a very good player so it isn't a shot at Eller whatsoever.

I really fail to see how Eller will be a 70 point center. Does it mean I don't think he's integral to the team? Absolutely not. I think he's perfect if he matures in his role.

I think expectations need to be realistic and that's what we're seeing here. We're all crying for him to be the next star forward but there's a reason he is where he is. This guy will be a huge core piece for us but not in the way people think. He'll be our two-way 3rd line center. Our Bolland, Staal or whatever. Management is developing him thay way as well. Unless he turns up the offensive output, I think management is fairly comfortable grooming him into our own long term 2nd/3rd line center.
Obviously Eller is nowhere near as good as Staal yet. It doesn't mean they aren't similar players. They are both big talented two way centers. You also likened Eller to Staal on your post so i don't understand why you took my comparison of the two the way you did. But just to clarify, I very much doubt that Eller will not develop into second line center. Like I said, he is already a fairly good third line center. The team ofcourse can choose to use him as such if they want to go after an elite center, then keep Plekanec as a number 2 center then Eller as a third line center(I'd prefer deshairnas as a winger if he has to compete with Eller for the 3rd line center position).

I would not be disappointed if Eller develped into an "elite" third liner or a good second line center with 50-60ish points(i think that's most likely). However, I would not be surprised if he became more than that.

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