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Originally Posted by bp spec View Post
Borrows the thread if it's OK.

I have to short strides and skates with my legs to straightened. I need to take longer strides and bend my knees more. At the moment I can't skate the way I would like to, due to my miserable groin- and hip mobility. The backs of my thighs need to increase mobility also. I'm stiff as a stick!

Can anyone hand me som tips for skating drills or off ice drills to increase my mobility? I hate to stretch my muscles but Ive come to the point where I really have to.
loosen teh top of your skates a bit, i find with weaker skaters tehy tie their skates so tight that they cant have any forward bend of their ankles. you cant bend your knees if you cant bend your ankles. If you are playing hockey shorten your stick to force you to bend your knees.

as for exercises, if you are stiff as you say try yoga? or even a progressive stretching program you can do at home. proper stretching, and i dont mean just to warm up type stretching but various leg and body stretches to help alleive some stiffness in the legs. do it for 15-20 mins everyday. you can do it while watching tv. i even do leg stretches while im working at my desk.

squats with light weight allowing you to do 12-16 reps at a high intensity are good. do them every 3-4 days. remember you arent trying to build muscle but strengthen what you already have.

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