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01-16-2012, 12:47 PM
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Well he has the work ethic to do so and the constant desire to get better, he should end the season with about 30 even strenght point wich is the kind of production this kind of player tend to end up with at his age. I don't know if he'll ever be enough of a PP producer (will he even remember how to play on the PP when he gets a chance to ) to be considered a big name but I project him as a great ES guy capable of finishing in the + against top lines ala Plekanec. Maybe better 5-5 than Pleky with less PP production?

Since the finish issues seem to be more a question of millisecond than an unability to generate chances I'm not too worried about that. Let's say I would be be alot more worried if he had the same number of goals while shooting at 25%+. Not that I expect him to be a 30+ goal guy, more of a sure 20 goal a year like Plekanec. He has worked on his shot, but it can still get better, and he is shooting more and that's always a good sign of progress.

What I like is that he is progressing slowly instead of coming up on fire before regressing wich isn't surprising since most two-way players tend to devellop that way. He's probably more naturally skilled than Plek is and he has more tools to work with too. His ES production follow the pattern of most pure two way players like Koivu, Richards, Kesler...

He's also getting pretty good at that puck protection and puck possession thing wich is sorely lacking in our centers.

I'll just say that what I didn't like about last night's benching is that I'm not sure if Cunneyworth actually knows why Eller was struggling. Pretty easy to say he wasn't playing the right way and made mistakes but when that happens you give the first line matchupe to Plek or Gomez. Or, at the very least, you put Subban and Gorges with him, not Emelin and Diaz. That's a recipe for disaster. Even if he is a good two way player, doesn't mean he is ready for first line matchups night after night, espescially not backed up by a Emelin-Diaz pairing. Give him some but if you notice he is struggling, send Plek or Gomez against the first lines.

But I really don't see how he tops as a third line center, I mean he technically could but I don't see it. Personnally, I'm not that old and I havn't been watching hockey for that long but from what I'm seeing he possibly has the highest upside out of any foward we had since Koivu(well technically AK possibly had higher upside but Eller has the Plek-like work ethic to make him reach his, not that I want to bash AK). But yeah, two players take a bit longer on average. Positive with that is that their peak-prime also tend to last longer.

But for the Eller fan Corey Pronman agrees with me

coreypronman Always been an Eller fan. Good 2nd/fringe 1st liner. RT @CynthiaC88C: @coreypronman Your toughts on Eller ? Potential? 6:40 PM Dec 18th, 2011 from TweetDeck

coreypronman Will be good possession player for while. Misused badly last year. RT @bszwarz: @coreypronman thoughts on Lars Eller's development? 8:34 PM Dec 19th, 2011 from TweetDeck

coreypronman Im guessing his big season is next yr. RT @howl4hockey: @coreypronman you were high on Lars Eller last year. Prediction coming to fruition? 4:56 AM Jan 5th from TweetDeck

I remember he had his ceiling as a good first line center at the time of the trade so his reservations may be about the "misused badly last year" part. Personnally I think Mikko Koivu is a good comparision.

So basically, patience, it'll be worth it.

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