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Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
Here's my question then, Cunney by how he is he using Eller on the team seemingly thinks that Eller has atleast top-six potential. Like you said, Cunney has been a developmental coach for years. Therefore, don't you think that if he is trying to develop Eller into a first-liner(i believe he sees that much potential in him) then that you should probably ask why you and the experienced developmental coach do not share the same views about Eller's potential?
You made an impressive jump there. Apparently because he has given him top 6 minutes on occasion, he feels Eller can be a first line center? I mean, wouldn't it make more sense if you said "top 6 center" rather than 1st line center? Isn't that a leap? It's like me saying, DD has been getting big minutes, JM and Cunneyworth feel he can be a #1 80 point center, who are YOU to disagree? You'd instantly disagree at such logic.

Either way, you always try to bring the most out of players so saying they are trying to make him grow offensively isn't really ground breaking.

Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
Obviously Eller is nowhere near as good as Staal yet. It doesn't mean they aren't similar players. They are both big talented two way centers. You also likened Eller to Staal on your post so i don't understand why you took my comparison of the two the way you did. But just to clarify, I very much doubt that Eller will not develop into second line center. Like I said, he is already a fairly good third line center. The team ofcourse can choose to use him as such if they want to go after an elite center, then keep Plekanec as a number 2 center then Eller as a third line center(I'd prefer deshairnas as a winger if he has to compete with Eller for the 3rd line center position).

I would not be disappointed if Eller develped into an "elite" third liner or a good second line center with 50-60ish points(i think that's most likely). However, I would not be surprised if he became more than that.
Let me ask you a question. How many 21-22 year old centers who made 17 points followed by 30ish points at 22-23 year olds became 70+ point centers?

He has great 3rd line C potential and he may become a 2nd line center, that's possible. 1st line? I really don't see it.

I really don't consider Eller a great 3rd line center at this point either. I think he has a few years to go before he can be a dominant 3rd line center. I liken his potential more to a Bolland than a Staal. If I may add his, Bolland's career history at same age is better than eller's as well.

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