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Originally Posted by Rangers4Life74 View Post
another thing with Richards is keep him on the point on the PP.We brought him here to be the PP qb and Torts is switching him back and forth so much,the guy probably isnt sure what to do(lol).keep him on the point with DZ.stop with the constant switching of him back and forth between point and the wall.
I agree with this and think this goes unnoticed. When BR was switched back to the point a few weeks ago he made a comment IIRC that he was happy to be back on the point because he feels more comfortable there. That lasted like a game or two and then Torts had him back down low instead. The guy is better on the point and feels better there. Put him there and let him stay.

Originally Posted by 4th Line Grinder View Post
Yeah but he faded big time in the second half, and I pray it's not happening again. Gaborik needs space and open ice, and as the season wears on the games get tighter. I hope this isn't happening again.
I don't think its a coincidence that Gabby's slump has coincided with Arty and Stepan's. DStep looks like he's getting his game back together after this weekend, but before that he was barely visible for a stretch of games there. Gabby's play last night set up our only goal in the game. He does need space but he has really shown a physicality this season we haven't seen from him since he's been in New York.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
How are Eriksson and Benn doing this year without Richards? They haven't missed a beat. Both hovering at a point per game. Richards was sold as a #1 center. That type of player needs to make the players around him better. It's really that simple.
Yeah...which was kind of my point. He was playing with some pretty damn good players. In fact, his whole career he's played with some pretty damn good players. IMO if you play with pretty damn good players your whole career and average around 80 points a year, it isn't shocking to think that with mediocre offensive players next to you you'll finish with around 60-65. Do all of us expect more? Sure. But you've got to look deeper at it. I'm pretty sure this was discussed a lot in the offseason but anyone that thought BR coming here was going to be this elite signing obviously hasn't paid much attention to him. He's not a dominant player. He never has been.

The thing with Richards also is that he's very smart and when he makes things happen they usually happen pretty quickly. He's not going to be like a guy like Dubinsky where he's dominating an entire shift and then finishes it off with a strong move and a goal. Usually when Richards makes a great play you didn't notice him at all and them boom, all the sudden something happens.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
That's all well and good, but my point remains that he isn't that far off from his historical totals on the PP. He's on pace for 23 points, and he put up 29 last year. That's a 6 point differential. Meaning he'd finish with 63 points instead of the 57 he's currently on pace to put up. I'm also not seeing these brilliant opportunities that he's setting up his teammates with that they're unable to finish. I see a lot of forced passes into skates, and blind passes into open ice.

Would he benefit from a better option on his left wing? Absolutely, that's a no-brainer. However, when you make an investment in a guy like Richards, he comes with the expectation that he should be able to make the players around him better and not be so reliant on them for his own success.
As is the case many, many, many times, it seems that your issue lies more with the organization for signing, and your own expectations.

I really don't think that this Richards is any different from the player he has been his whole career. There have been plenty of opportunities that haven't been capitalized on. Another 9 points and he's got 40. If he had that right now he'd be looking at close to 80. On this roster, without playing with Gabby, that's damn good. Not bad.

Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
I agree, to an extent. But how many "skill players" have we had come through here in the last 15 years that fell on their face because of sheer willingless to engage and get their noses dirty?

Talent is not something you can necessarily teach. But I like Tortorella's message that you're going to have to get a little dirty no matter who you are.

And, hey, guess what - its working. Although, looking at your posts, one might think we're scratching and clawing for a playoff spot again
Yes but you're comparing a player like Gaborik to the traveling mercenaries we brought in during those years.

Torts' philosophy I do not disagree with. But he's clearly shown that he is not the definition of a coach that adapts to players and tries to accentuate their attributes. Instead, he tells them that they're all going to do everything the way that he tells them to.

What's frustrating to me is his inability to recognize that every player brings something different to the table.

We are winning, and that's all that matters. I just hope that this team can win a Stanley Cup with a coach who openly admits he doesn't pay any attention to our opponents, doesn't work on offense at all, and whose best attribute as a coach is that he motivates. Hopefully we can win it all before that well runs dry.

Originally Posted by APuckHog View Post
The 2 assists in the last 18 games is alarming. Guy is an elite passer, so that doesnt sit very well.

Even though he has been in a slump we have been winning, so thats the good thing. Hopefully he can get out of the slump when Dubinsky is back and that line can contribute.

Lets also net forget Callahan only has 1 goal in the last 10 games, so he too is someone who is in a slump.
Callahan has been more invisible this season than any other in his career IMO. And by that I mean that there are actually shifts in each game where you don't notice him. I'm not saying he is invisible all game or is playing badly. It's just that I hardly remember any games in his career where he isn't noticeable on any shift. This season there seem to be plenty of those. His off game is still a hundred times better than other players. I'm not knocking him. But yes he has struggled offensively.

Add to that the fact that Dubi has just regained his confidence (and of course he had to get injured...lets hope he comes back playing the way he was right before he got hurt), and the revolving door of other mediocre offensive players that Richards has had to play with.

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