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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
You realize we always upset those 1st seeded bruins teams with smaller guys right?

People overestimate the need for an identity. The reality is, you can have big strong physical players or you can have skilled players. It doesn't really matter which as long as you build an indentity and play to your strengths.

Montreal isn't and never has been the bruins style of game. We won 24 cups based on having skill, not toughness. It is our identity. Do we need some bigger players to balance the line-up? Absolutely can understand that but building a boston team in a montreal style will never work. It's unproductive. Detroit isn't tough but they can give Boston a run for their money. Vancouver can as well and they dive and all that just as much as we do, we're very similar except they have higher talent. Do Toews, Kane and Hossa fight? Not really. They win anyway. We can say yada yada, we gotta face them X amount of times per year. Do we all forget our dominance vs them? Even in our dark years the habs in recent memory were what, 12 or more straight wins vs Boston? Why are we worried now?

Build a team to your strength's and get the most out of it. That's all it is.
While I agree with your premise, there are a few holes. First, we don't have the management group to rival the Red Wings. We're far from that. Top players with skill aren't going to come to Montreal if they don't believe the management group here can win. And this season, management has been embarrassing. We also don't have the exclusive rights to players like we did in the past.

With those two major differences, we can't rely solely on skill. Our skills alone won't match up to Boston or Philly. While we may have upset the Bruins before, they've never been this good. And we never won a Cup when we upset them did we?

There has to be a compromise between size and skill. Smaller Bruins players have so much confidence because they know they can do whatever they want. We need to get there in my opinion.

What I'd do? I'd give Anaheim a Plekanec and Subban for Getzlaf. And I'd draft Girgorenko with our pick and trade Desharnais if we can get a good return, or I'd trade Gionta and shift Desharnais to the wing. A top 3 of Getzlaf, Gigorenko and Eller is what you call a contending team down the middle. We can deal with the defense afterwards.

We can have size AND skill and that would challenge for the Cup.

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