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Originally Posted by Shadow Flyer View Post
It's not relevant, because it's not realistic. Neither of those teams would be going after Danny Briere. But if you want to play hypotheticals, then yes, I'd trade him to Minnesota for a 1st rounder. That team is a sinking ship. And no, I wouldn't trade him to Dallas, because I don't think that pick will fall into the value it needs to be for me to want to move him.
You do not know that. Minnesota was one the best teams for 30-35 games. Same goes for Dallas.

If you do not mind trading Briere regardless of his value and NMC/NTC you should really re-think your vote. Because you know Briere is getting old, you know he is a bit overpaid, you know that his value is going down finally the most important you know that by the time our youngsters are ready to make real impact we won’t have decent defense and Briere will probably be too old to contribute.

That means you hypothetically agree with me. Even know you are trying to prove me wrong.

Same for everyone here. You know you would not mind moving Briere for reasons I stated. Not because you gave up, tank or whatever other silly reason you came up with.

Briere will be making 4M real money for the next 3 years. He is still decent 20G 50pts man. Teams that are not worried about cap hit should be all over this player.

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