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Originally Posted by overlords View Post

Eller also seems to have that same great attitude and work ethic.
Like I said earlier, that's one of the main reason why I have huge amount of faith in the kid. His raw skills mixed with his desire to get better make it pretty hard to not believe in him.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
70+ point means 71 and above. Plekanec hit 70.


The real answer if you look at last year's 70 or more point centers is maybe Kesler and Ribeiro. They are the only two in the top 20 scoring for centers that fit his career path even a little bit. The top 20 is guys 62 points and up btw. Eller's career path matches(a little bit 2 of them. I think that shows historically, it's not happening.

I don't understand though. It's overrating the guy big time. Only 10 guys got over 70 points last year, 10. That includes 1 dimensional offensive centers. Here we are thinking Eller will be a two-way 70+ center?

I'll save you the time. I don't ask questions I don't already know answers to. Kesler and Ribeiro based on the 70+ point centers of last year.

Eller has worse statistics at same age than Bolland. Honestly, that's his upside.

Obviously constant improvement leads to a certain level of production that will be PPG status but realistically it ain't happening. People are so fixated on it and I really don't understand why. Historically there's no statistical reason to believe he'll explode. It's like Pouliot, the talent was there and he improved with us but there's limitations. People need to keep their expectations in check because this guy won't end up a 1st line center and if he hits 70+ points consistently with two-way play he's a franchise center. I know it sounds all nice and dandy in theory "1st line production with two=way ability" but when you sit back and think about it, that's huge shoes to fill and absolutely unfair to Eller to even suggest that as few guys in the league are capable of it.
65 points would be just fine too, alot of it will depent on PP production. Like I said, I believe he has the talent to eventually outscore first lines in ES matchups ala Plekanec. The plus is that his physical tools could make him an even more complete player.

As for Pouliot, his problem was exactly what I said I didn't like seeing above. Offence in bunches followed by complete invisibility (or becoming a liability in Pouliot's case), that's not what you can call constant progression.

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