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Originally Posted by bigdaddydroc View Post
The little puppy is actually my third dog. I have a Boxer/American Staffordshire who is three and another dog who is a SPCA rescue who is also around three (she's a mix breed of some kind. Her body resembles a bully breed and her face looks retrieverish)

The SPCA rescue was abused badly when I got her (she had mange and was very close to starving and was very weary of people.). She's a real sweetheart now and is slowly getting better and better around people, although she is scared of new men (not agressive scared, but more petrified and run away). I assume the one that beat her was a man. I'd like to track the ****** that had her before and kick the **** out of him.

The Boxer is a handful and a half. She is under the impression that she is still a puppy (even through she is three and weighs around 70lbs). She's such a sweet dog. Not an aggressive bone in her body. She's very curious and playful.

The newest addition is far from a manly dog, but I figured I wanted a lap dog. The other two are 50-70 lbs and aren't big cuddlers.

She's a Chihuahua/Pomeranian. She is nine weeks old and currently weighs around a pound to a pound and a half max. I've had her for three days and she's make me smile lots. She has a huge personality for such a little animal.

My dad had a Siberian Husky when I was little. They are gorgeous dogs. I remember though that she was stubborn as hell (which is a breed trait for husky if my memory serves me right ). She was another real sweetheart though and very smart.
Awesome, dude...posts like this make my day.

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