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01-16-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Habiton View Post
Holy s*** this is embarrassing. Take your blinders off!

The best way to evaluate your players is to get the opinion of other professional's around the league. DD might, *might* yield you a 3rd, if your lucky a late 2nd.

On to why.

In order for DD to be effective he needs to play against weaker competition and with offensive wingers. Please, just please put him with Darche and Moen for a change then he will feel what Eller does. Does anyone remember when Eller was with Patches and Cole? That line was fricken dynamite, and thats when Patches was playing awful (and it was worse with DD might I add). Eller is the superior talent in all 3 areas. Its pretty obvious to see that, try to take an objective view and you will notice it.

You all say that DD is so great offensively, okay so since he is averaging in the top of PP time, how good is our powerplay doing? Its top in the league right! Because DD is so creative and fast and has such great vision!

Oh wait....its awful. #blamesubban.

DD is consistently getting our best, and most powerful, wingers...and to boot plays against other teams weaker lines. But no!!! he plays more even strength than Eller!! I agree he does, but consider that other teams top 6 always play on the PP, the average is around 3-4 minutes per game and the average top sixer plays around 17-19 minutes per game. So thats about 13 minutes ES. Guess how much Eller and Pleks have?

Also if you recall Martin specifically said that Eller should be proud of his play, he got promoted to top 6 duties. Defensively at least.

Another thing, DD hasnt heard of the word defense. He follows the puck worse than 10 year olds. He needs Patches and Cole because without him he is just a scrub.

Im sick of all this bull**** love for this guy. And if any of you, for a second, think he is better than Pleks, even offensively, then im sorry but your either oblivious or dumb.

This has my vote for the worst post of the month.
Pretty much all wrong.

and BTW the PP sucks certainly not because of DD but..and I'll say this for the 56425433 times , because of our point men. As long as we won't have a hard and precise shooter we'll suck. Kaberle was a dumb addition.

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