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From Eric Desjardins:

Officially, I had two for sure here that I had to stay out, and probably had a couple more in Philadelphia. In Montreal, I had two big ones, but just kept playing.

I believe they are all different. For me, it all depended where I got hit—which side (of the head), the back or the front. That’s how I think about it. The way I felt after being hit, a couple of times differently, that’s how I felt. Sometimes it was my vision, sometimes it was more my memory and awareness. It was different. It’s tough to explain. I believe that where you get hit changes the symptoms.

When I was (in Philadelphia), they were really cautious about it and really took care of us, with all the baseline testing we had to do. That kind of helped us, to know we were closer to being ready. That’s one thing that really helped me, to say, “Okay, I’m close to being back.” Then, when you were closer to being back and playing, or practicing, you would know right away if you were okay or weren’t. Everything’s faster when you have a concussion, and you can’t keep up. It’s really tough. You go gradually, starting out on the bike or the treadmill, and get rest. As the time goes, you start to feel better. With the testing they do, with numbers and colors, that’s tough if you have a concussion.

I think I’m pretty lucky that I don’t feel any side effects or symptoms now. Sometimes I blame it on my concussions when I do weird stuff, but I don’t feel like some of the guys who I hear have the problems. (Keith Primeau), I know he’s still had his share of problems, but I’m pretty lucky. I just use it if my wife told me something, and get out of doing the dishes.

I think if you teach at a young age, the habits are going to be there to hit properly and clean. It might take away some of them, but there are always going to be concussions—especially now, with the speed of the game, the checks and the hits. They need to be as clean as they can be, and then we can focus on the game.
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