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Originally Posted by 4th Line Grinder View Post
Because all summer we heard how he was going to elevate everyone's game here, "elite" players are supposed to do that. So now it's not his fault because his line mates suck? No excuses, Richards has been a disappointment
I never said his linemates suck.....You sound like my girl,interpeting things the way you like too..I do love my girl to death though,,she is awesome,just wanna make that clear!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont put words in my mouth. Richards will be fine played just about 45 games as a Ranger,relax man.... In your opinion he has been a dissapointment,in mine im please..Your one of the many always unsatisfied people,the type where if the rangers lose 3 in a row they suck but when they win 3 in a row there the best..So i wont debate anything with you.

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