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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
As far as the player producing he's been excellent this year. But in reality the Habs are not even a quarter of the way through the contract. So right now it's been a great signing but how will you feel in the next month, next year, the year after or at the end? New brooms sweep clean and I'm sure Cole has a lot to prove.

And I wonder how much the competition thought they'd have to key on Cole given his past struggles away from Carolina. He may again become a player to key on and will start to struggle - who knows.

The player has done great but look where the Habs stand. And I will say this until the cows come home but the real need on the team wasn't addressed and that was the need for another well rounded d-man to replace Hamrlik. There's no excuse for that IMO. Counting on Markov being ready to go was a huge mistake and inexcusable given Markov's history of late and all of the D injuries the past four years.

The Cole signing definitely addressed a need that the Habs have had. But in the grand scheme of things the team is actually worse. A team that went to the ECF finals not long ago and challenged the eventual SCC to the very end added Cole and actually got worse. Pacioretty was even back.

It's a great signing up front but I'm looking for another chain of events to put the D back together so that it can withstand injuries especially if Markov is always coming back but doesn't. LOL

thank you very much , great post

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