Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-16-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by ruckus View Post
And BRB, I couldn't care less about the coach crap. Torts hates him. He always has. The fact that so many people who dislike Avery try to act like that has nothing to do with it is offensive to anyone with any intelligence.

How much trouble did Tom Renney have with Sean?

I don't think it says anything positive about Tortorella that he couldn't find a way to utilize an asset. Then again, Torts only knows his way. But then again, why would you assess him any blame when its obviously a clashing of egos. They're both at fault, but Torts is the coach and thus Avery is gone. It's really that simple. But let's not act like Sean is impossible to control and such a loose cannon. He thrived here under a coach that, you know, actually could communicate with players and dealt with them individually.
Torts has his team playing better than it has in over 15 years and you are incessantly ripping on Torts because you feel he wronged a player you love.

It's beginning to appear that if the Rangers were to win the Cup ths year that that would not be enough for you.

When a player alienates multiple ownerships and coaches, isn't it possible that the fault may lie with the player and not with the coach?

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