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To start with, try just standing by the boards, hold onto the boards, and scrape your outside edges across the ice, just to get a feel for it (when stopping with your inside skate, you use your outside edge). It'll feel weird at first, but less weird with time. Then start out slow, trying to stop with both skates. Try to visualize that you're really letting the weight of your body weight sink down evenly into both skates, don't be tense, but fairly relaxed, almost like you're sitting down into your skates. Get a good deep knee and ankle bend, and don't do any weird little turns before stopping, lots of people try to turn into it, don't do that, just go straight into the stop. Your skates should be staggered, the inside skate should be forward, the outside skate back, like the Sedins at the 22 second mark of this video:

When learning it can be easier to learn on reasonably dull skates. Don't go dulling them with a stone or anything, but while in the process of learning I wouldn't get them sharpened unless you absolutely have to. Also, make sure you fully commit to the stops, rotating not just your feet, but your hips too. Start out with lower speed stops, then slowly progress to faster and faster speeds. You'll catch a lot of edges at first, then you'll chatter a lot, but with enough practice you'll eventually get to smooth 2-footed stops. You just have to stick with it, it feels very awkward at first, but will eventually feel natural.

One last question, how are you on your outside edges/inside feet in general? Can you turn sharply with even pressure on both feet, or do you turn mostly just on your inside edge (outside foot)? Do you get good power and a large extension/range of motion on you outside edge/inside foot when performing crossovers?

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