Thread: Switzerland: A hockey weekend in Zürich
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01-16-2012, 08:04 PM
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First of all, congrats to your friend

Originally Posted by krookus View Post
* It seems the tickets will be available via a month before the game. Is it true? It also seems buing tickets online and printing them beforehand works easilly as usual.
Correct. I assume you speak a little german, otherwise, as we do have winter holidays in zurich at that time, tickets are 50% off for all sectors.

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* Is it possible to get autographs from the home/visiting teams before/after the game at the arena? Is there a specific part outside the arena where players get out?
I think this could be pretty tricky. You might probably get some at the player entrance, but i never bothered for autographs, so i might be wrong.

Originally Posted by krookus View Post
* Are there usually any famous players (former Swiss national team guys, scouts for instance) watching the game at some certain section? Getting some autographs from them would be nice too.
Again, i never bothered. Some might be in the crowd or VIP area but probably hard to find (if the cameras wont help you).

Originally Posted by krookus View Post
* Are there any stores selling old/new Swiss hockey cards in Zürich?
What do you exactly mean with hockey cards? There are some fanshops and a sports museum (which is actually in Basel afaik, that would be smth like 45min train/car ride).

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* All other kinds of pieces of information and suggestions are highly welcome.
Well first of all, go out, there's a wide array of different musicbars/concerts/parties to discover, even on weeknights (and bc its pretty small you can travel fast between the hotspots).
If you want some panorama, i'd suggest to go to the lake for a walk (great view on the alps) or some bars/pubs, but you probably get there alone if you check out the old part of the city. Good spot for that would also be the Üetliberg, a small mountain at the outskirts. awesome view on a sunny day with some (quite expensive) restaurant at the top (you can hike up or take the lift).
lots of museums incase you are interested, and bc they usually reside in old buildings or near univercities, most of them are easily accessible within the old city.

oh and buy a tram/train ticket (you can get some at the airport for instance) for the zurich area and you can really go anywhere with it without bothering anymore for charges. incase you speak a little german (most ppl speak a little english too, incase you have to ask for directions/stations) there's actually no need to rent a car or cab (which are probably the most expensive ones on this planet, especially at the airport).

damn i really dont know anything about our hockey team. guess i should visit more "away" games from my team and not only go for concerts to the arena

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Thank you very much for your time!
Hope you guys will enjoy your stay

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