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12-28-2005, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Battousai
Right, that's all about the diving stuff, but I haven't heard of Pittsburgh papers (or anyone, for that matter) pinning Crosby's non-selection on Philadelphia.
Just to answer: nor have I to be honest. I was addressing the diving thing (which 'burgh papers have addressed and have not been very kind toward Hitchcock and co.). But keeping Crosby off the Olympics and a big fuss about it? I have no clue what Pittsburgh papers they guy is talking about. I read them and saw no such thing. I think that the guy is making it up to stir a pot of his own making.

The sole article in one Pittsburgh Paper on Crosby not making the Candian Olympic team:

and here is the other Paper's penguins news:

Nothing. Is that Philly sports writer known for just making stories up?

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