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01-16-2012, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Dominant Hegemony View Post
This wanting to believe business is all short term. I want to believe in the long term
I agree.

Do I believe this team can make it to 8th place? YES, but that would probably mean PG finds a way to fix some major issues with short term solutions before the deadline ("panic mode" trades, etc).

Do I think this team could go far in this year's playoffs? Not really. When you look at the teams on top of our conference, there's no real place for another cinderella story.

Do I want to see this team lose on purpose? Not at all. They lost many games so far for a few reasons. Injuries, coaching problems, struggling vets... I don't think you can tank in Montreal. People will still get tickets for the game. They will still express their opinions and the Org. will listen, whatever some will say.

Do I feel like I'm not a real fan because I'm not expecting the Habs to do anything it takes just to reach the playoffs? Some of you might think so. But as a fan I want this team to look forward and offer us an exciting and PROMISING team for seasons to come. And it doesn't seem so easy when you always finish in the middle of the pack year after year.

We don't have a franchise player. Teams can win the cup without a Crosby in the lineup, but most contenders spent at least a couple years trying to build something we don't have right now.

I want the Habs to do their best they can. Give our young players some icetime, win a few games, lose some, just what they did so far this season. Just don't try to bring the odd rentals in exchange for picks or prospects just to fill the Bell Center 2 or 3 times this spring. IMHO That would be a waste.

I hope this team can be a contender again. Maybe not next year, but I want to see improvement, not stagnation.

Go Habs Go!

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