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Originally Posted by s3x View Post
.... which is exactly why if you wait until game time, you'll get them for below face value. Scalpers had excess inventory for this years classic, and fourteen of my friends, yes, fourteen, bought tickets below face within an hour of puck drop.
Works for every single major event (within reason... some events like a world championship in Philly you won't get for under face)

Personally I have:

-Gotten HOF club tickets to game 3 of the 08 World Series for $250 each (little above face IIRC... were selling for over $1000 each on stubhub the day before)

-Gotten 400 level tickets to the 08 World Series for $150 each (little above face IIRC... were selling for $600+ on stubhub the day before)

-Got Winter Classic tickets in the 300 level for under face value.

-Got Stanley Cup tickets in the 100 level for $100 above face.

-Got lowers to the Eagles' Super Bowl vs. the Pats for $200 under face each (missed some of the pregame festivities, but it was totally worth it).


The Super Bowl is the absolute best event to wait for... you need to be super crazy to be willing to travel 1000+ miles to a stadium without tickets. Consequently, there are very few potential buyers remaining on the day of the game and there are tons of excess tickets for sale. And not many MFers are crazy enough to walk around with thousands of dollars in cash on their person. You can get some amazing deals.

Friend of mine who waited longer than I did (missed kickoff) ended up sitting in the club section next to some prominent celebrities and he paid less than I did.

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