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01-17-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Well damn sands... I almost cried over here.. looking out for me like that.. your a good guy I don't care what the other say about ya. Thanks man for the advice, Im young and have money to spend haha dangerous dangerous combination
Maybe I just want to bid on it myself and I sent him a PM with my offer

haha just kidding.

Yeah, I'm reasonably young too w/ money to spend, but I was a finance major in college and I work in finance now so I have this annoying habit of thinking about everything in terms of expected value, etc.

Couturier and Schenn just had a signing @ Chickie and Petes that I believe was free to the public. I'm sure there will be a few more of these (or else the Trial on the Isle is always an option in the summer).

If you bring a puck to one of these events, you can definitely get Couturier to sign it. And even better, you can likely get a picture with you, Couturier, and the puck. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say... so if you have a picture of yourself w/ Couturier and the signed puck, as a collector that proves to me that it's legit. I'd take a picture over a LOA from some random / not well known dealer any day of the week... and the picture is free whereas the LOA will cost you at least $50... probably more like $100 for a well-known industry professional to authenticate it for you.

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