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01-17-2012, 08:08 AM
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I was in Toronto for the weekend for the game. Had an exceelent time despite the frigid weather. The fans up there are seriously top notch. EVERYTHING in Toronto is Hockey. From the second you get off the plane and go through the airport, to the cab rides to the waiters and waitresses. Great place, great time. But back to the fans...I never once felt even uncomfortable. Rather, people would approach us everywhere we went to talk hockey. I told one guy that Mitchell is growing on Rangers fans, and he was dubbed a name on the internet of Johnny Malkin. Guy loved it! Everyone also asked about Avery.

But...while nothing happened to me and my friends, there was actually a shooting in my hotel. There was some Toronto Rapper's party up on the top floor. Bars close early in Toronto, so after some post game partying at Finn McCool's we headed back to the hotel. Little bit of a wierd scene as there were alot of thugs hanging around waiting for thier limos, Caddy escalades etc. We hopped in an elevator with a few of them. They told us about the party and invited us up there. So we went in. A little bit of a weird feeling, as my buddy and I were the only two white guys in the place. But...I have no predjudice in me, and we hung for a bit. It was pretty cool. Later though the next day we learned of the shooting as it was the number 1 topic at the hotel. It happened earlier than when we were there. Guess bad things can happen anywhere? The Westin was also the same hotel the players stayed in. My buddy ran into Staal at a restaurant. Believe he was with his wife.

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