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01-17-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by NJDEVIL View Post
Listen, everyone in that locker room knows the scoop. His contract is up, no body will be surprised if hes traded and everyone in the locker room knows if Lou trades him, its the best alternative he had. And he ain't bringing back garbage it would be someone to fill a top 6 role so, I wouln't be concerned about the locker room. Look at the Neiuwndyk/Langs trade, that was huge! There's too much at stake to be worried about people's feeling Lou has the future of the franchise in his hands.

In the end, there are several plays on this matter. Time will tell and we're just gonne be a patient bunch now aren't we lol
That trade was very different. Arnott and McKay were not pending UFAs, and that was a hockey trade, not a deadline rental deal. Parise is a pending UFA, and his trade would be interpreted as a rental situation. We're not going to be getting back a Nieuwendyk type in a Parise trade, and if you think we are, you're delusional.

Therefore, a Parise trade would necessarily signify that Lou is throwing in the towel on this season and obtaining future assets. He has literally never done that yet, and he is entrenched in his ways, so he won't do it now.

Originally Posted by DEVILS ALL THE WAY View Post
There's more then one way to "say" you want out. If Lou tells Parise "Here's my best offer" and Zach doesn't sign the dotted line, isn't that a indication that he'll test the market and probably won't be coming back?

If he's not willing to sign Lou's best offer now, why would he sign it this summer? If he does test the market and doesn't like the offers he's getting from the 29 other teams and realises that Lou's offer wasn't all that bad in the first place, he can always pick up the phone and negotiate with Lou again.

Like NJDEVIL said, the Parise situation will determine the faith of this franchise for the upcoming years IMO. The best scenario would be for him to sign LT and the worst possible scenario would be for us to lose him for free. The in between would be to get a solid package for his services.
If you believe the reports from TG and Chere and McKenzie over the crap from Eklund and Garrioch, Parise's agents and Lou have not even started to negotiate. There is no mythical offered contract for him to reject. Meanwhile, in the media he continues to say that he wants to stay if the money is right and if the Devils can contend in the near future. That is not a player who has told his GM in any way that he wants out.

Lou clearly does not view this as an either or situation like you do, where we either trade him now or lose him for nothing. He must think there is still a good chance of retaining Parise even if he is unsigned past the trade deadline. Keeping Parise in the hopes of a successful playoff run is not a stupid move, it is in fact the move I want my GM to make. Devils fans should know by now that there are rewards to never giving up on a season, like last year.

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