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01-17-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Regardless of if that is the case how is he not "turning things around"? He wasn't producing and then he started to, the reasoning behind that isn't even relevant to the fact that he was and is in fact "turning things around".

Now if you want to discuss what kind of player comes to camp out of shape after winning the cup and question his integrity and all that I'm all for it, but I must say Chara and the whole Bruins cast did the same thing and they sure seem like winners from where I'm sitting. It's too easy to criticize Kaberle when he's the odd man out and was on a much worse team than Boston. It was even more obvious how bad he was because he didn't have a good team to get him out of that slump. Yet he still managed to get in shape like those Bruins players and start producing. Do I think a guy who just signed a contract should show up to camp in shape? I think any player under contract for millions of dollars should show up in shape, but you make it sounds like Kabs is the only guy to ever do this. A lot of players do not just Kabs. I don't like it either but he isn't known for doing this, he won the cup and partied, at least he isn't the type of player consistently known for doing it.
there's more to "turning it around" then collecting pts... at least if you are a 4M$ dman.

until he is playing at a level where he deserves (I won't say is getting, since you never know with the habs coaches how reward ice time) ~20min+/game, he isn't playing up to the level that
a- he's capable of
b- he's paid to

4.25M$ for a bottom pairing dman who is a strong offensive contributor (hello MAB) is way too much.

doesn't really matter right now, but over the next 2 seasons, assuming we will continue to be a cap spending team, tying up that kind of salary in a guy the coaches don't trust to give top-4 minutes is not a good thing

of course, we can work around it, but just because a team finds a way to deal with a mistake, doesn't erase the reality of the mistake.

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