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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Why the heck would it be dumb to see what's out there for Subban? First, I don't want him to be traded. Not at all. But how's our record in Montreal with players who might have some "attitude" issues? Oh yes....they are all gone. Well Subban might fit the bill. Though, all that aside and in Gauthier's favor, if the guy learned that some teams are ready to overpay for Subban, why not even just consider it? Considering it doesn't mean making the deal.

Again, I would not make it. I would actually be pissed if we do. I keep saying, it's often who you get than who goes. My problem is that I have no faith in Gauthier to be able to do great in a trade like that.
Being shopped is different than other teams inquiring about him. I think it would be very foolish to trade PK.

He has problems with guys in the room? Seriously who? Pleky? This guy works way too hard and is too professional to let it affect him. PK is popular with Price, Eller and Pacioretty and really that is all that matters since they are the future. I couldn't give two ***** if a guy like Gionta did not like him. He is not going to be here that long anyways.

Regardless, one of the main reasons I am confident that we are not trading PK is because of PG. Remember this is a guy that kept Price over Halak. Price was given every chance, had attitude problems, poor work ethic and amidst it all, remained in Montreal.

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