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01-17-2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by DarrenBanks56 View Post
im glad i did bro.
ice was good yesterday. It was a high of about 10 degrees F.
Flooded it again after skating and today it was almost perfect.

Skated again just an hour ago, and cleaned the ice with my rink rake. I hooked it up to my washing machine hot water line, and i cant believe how good the ice looks compared to 2 days ago.

Bad news is i think we are getting freezing rain/snow overnite tonite.
I'm glad you got your rink fixed up. (And that by not listening to me you got to skate on it that much sooner)

I hate those snow to rain storms - they wreak havoc on rinks. We finally got to skate on my rink this weekend, then last night got snow, with rain coming this afternoon. I just hope my son gets home from school in time to shovel what he can. My rink's not frozen solid yet, so in the deep end, the weight of the snow squeezed some water out from underneath, so there's a section that may be rough as you know what after the next sub-freezing night. Guess that's what the hot water is for.

I'm curious if you hooked up a Y-fitting to your washing machine hot water spigot. I did that, and it's great not to have to disconnect then reconnect the machine's hose every time I need to resurface the rink.

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