Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-17-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Torts has his team playing better than it has in over 15 years and you are incessantly ripping on Torts because you feel he wronged a player you love.

It's beginning to appear that if the Rangers were to win the Cup ths year that that would not be enough for you.

When a player alienates multiple ownerships and coaches, isn't it possible that the fault may lie with the player and not with the coach?
Yes, I would be miserable if we won the Stanley Cup this year.

Since when do we award a champion 40+ games into a season?

And how does any part of what you're saying disprove the fact that Sean Avery is a better hockey player than guys on this team right now?

Originally Posted by ocarina View Post
I don't know what "facts" you seem to be abiding by, but Avery has been almost non-existent this year. He had that nice goal at the beginning of the year shortly after he got re-called, but he did almost nothing after that. And it's not like this year is an anomaly, he was declining towards fringe status last year also. He's simply a player in decline.

And somehow, he's better then Rupp and Mitchell? Rupp brings size, versatility and toughness to the team's bottom lines (as well as the occasional timely goal). Mitchell has actually been a nice surprise this year, he can play down low well and he knows what to do with the puck when he gets it. I guess you could justify him being better then Christensen, but really, you think it's worth it to keep Avery's cap hit on the team when he's done almost nothing this year?

Somehow? When in Mike Rupp's career has he ever been better than Sean Avery?

John Mitchell is a mediocre hockey player. He can do a lot of the same things that Avery does, but he doesn't have the offensive upside that Sean does. For a team that really hasn't gotten any production from the bottom six, you'd think there would be more people that would want a player who can contribute offensively.

Originally Posted by ocarina View Post
You know, the world doesn't revolve around to Avery. It isn't that he isn't PC or that he wore sneakers and a t-shirt that's the issue, he violated team rules that are clearly spelled out. Why should he be an exception to those rules? I don't know if you have a job or not, but if you don't follow a business' rules, say goodbye to your job.
You're not getting it. Which isn't shocking. I defend him all the time because everything gets blown up. I stated earlier in the thread that he broke a rule and got reprimand. Good. I see you didn't quote that though. My issue is it gets skewed into being a completely speculative bunch of BS assertions. It started with him spitting on his coach, now he's a cancer in the Whale locker room and the reason they're losing. None of it is supported by any fact. It never is. It's speculative BS from people who hate Avery and have been doing this his whole career when he does something. He waves his stick in front of a goalie and he's a disrespectful POS that has no respect for the game of hockey. He talks trash (like he always does) and someone says he made fun of an ex-players cancer. Factual? Not one bit. But it didn't stop it from happening and then being attached to him for the rest of his career. He gets called a ****** in the preseason and people blame him for being a sideshow and breaking some sort of honor code by answering a question when the media asked him about it.

These are the types of reasons why I defend him. I don't give a crap about the 11 people on this message board who hate the fact that the guy they hates has fans.

Originally Posted by ocarina View Post
Yes, blame the guy who has won a Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay and currently has this team at the top of the Eastern Conference.
Who the **** cares about Tampa Bay? Why on earth does that matter to me, as a fan of the New York Rangers?

Torts has done a great job this season. He was atrocious when he took over for Renney, costing us an upset victory over a number one seed we should have beaten. He did an awful job the year we missed the playoffs. And last season he needed a team with nothing to play for to defeat a team with everything to play for on their home ice in order for his team to make the playoffs.

Bravo, Torts. Bravo.

He's a motivator. He's done a good job this season. This team still has glaring issues and he seems incapable of addressing any of them.

He's finally got his boy Richards here. But unfortunately he's 31 now. And hate to break it to you, but there's no St. Louis' and Lecavalier's in their prime here either. So color me skeptical about his ability to make this team a champion.

At some point the motivational rah-rah stuff wears thin and you've got to bring something of substance to the table. This is a coach who can't solve the power play, openly admits that he doesn't pay any attention to his opponents, and talks about how he does not work on offense at all.

Sorry, but there are a lot of things to complain about with the guy, regardless of how well he's done this season. I like him. I root for him. Just like I do everybody on this team. And I criticize him when necessary. When he puts his ego and personal feelings ahead of the team, I think its appropriate to criticize him.

Originally Posted by ocarina View Post
I think the joke is that you are defending Avery so much and acting like he has "untouchable" status, that he can do no wrong, and that he is still an effective player.
Wow more generalizations and assumptions. Perfectly fitting for an Avery thread, even if they're directed at me.

How is stating that he's a better hockey player than Erik Christensen, John Mitchell, and Mike Rupp equivalent to stating he has "untouchable status"?

Who would you rather have on the fourth line..Avery, or Wolski?

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