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01-17-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
the Preds are 30 million under the cap. I dont think they trade either guy until late June. Obviously anyone can be traded, but I am not seeing it. They are in the think of it in the west again.
The cap has nothing to do with it. It is team needs (now and future). If they get offered a deal with a forward who can help out their offense (+ likely more) their defense can take the hit. Yes, in theory they have enough money to sign both Suter or Weber, but are they willing to spend that much (I honestly don't know, but small market teams usually aren't)? And do both guys want to stay there?

This is a similar situation like the whole JvR for Schenn deal going on in the other thread. JvR is better than Schenn and has a higher ceiling, but the Flyers need defense and can sustain a hit on offense. Just like Weber and Suter are likely going to be better than the player that is coming back, but the Preds need offense and can take the hit on defense (and then there is the question about whether or not one or both will sign next season). I'm not saying they will or even should make any deals with these guys, but I think it is a definite possibility IMO.

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