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Originally Posted by HeShootsHeScores View Post
Miller Time, don't play it dumb. You knew what this thread was about. Clue : preventing tankers to post. If you don't want your team to win, just don't post in this thread. there are about 20 threads already that talks about tanking and having a 1st round superstar pick. Just bump one.
The thread title: BELIEVE [Positive Thread Only]

If I believe tanking this year is positive why should I not be allowed to post here?

Originally Posted by canadiensnation View Post
I know the Habs are in deeeeeeep waters but this coming week is the most important week, they need to beat these teams like Toronto, Buffalo, Washington etc..

Here is some inspiration.

*Positive Talking Only
Here's the original post. Positive Talking Only. I've pretty much said all along I wouldn't mind making the post season but if not drafting high and trading UFA for picks would be ideal.

It's as positive as anything. If people want to talk about tanking and are positive about the team I don't see where in this original post by the thread creator it says I can't do so. We can make a comeback, an epic comeback, it just might be next year that's all. Why people get so negative because of others being realistic yet positive is laughable.

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