Thread: Larry Brooks: Sather keeps Avery in limbo
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01-17-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by haohmaru View Post
Sorry, but blaming this on Tortorella is just asinine. Avery was placed on re-entry waivers and any team in the league could've had him at 1/4 of his current contract and EVERY SINGLE TEAM passed on taking him for next to nothing. That speaks volumes. Whatever your current assessments of Avery talent level(s) are, it's clear that every other organization in the NHL vehemently disagrees with you - and that should be enough for you to reassess whatever it is you think he can still bring to the table.
The waivers argument is the what's asinine. You do realize that players pass through waivers all the time, and it says nothing about their ability to play hockey, correct? You also are aware that teams have to, you know, put a roster together without the assumption that some player somewhere might become available to them?

No one is arguing that Sean Avery is Wayne Gretzky. He's a bottom six forward. Passing through waivers says nothing about his ability to play hockey. If you think there aren't plenty of players in this league in the bottom six on their roster that Sean Avery isn't better than then you don't watch the game. Avery has a reputation and at his age teams aren't going to be too likely to take a chance. It says absolutely zero about him as a hockey player. Dale Weise was claimed by freaking Vancouver. Do you think Dale Weise is a better hockey player than Sean Avery? The list goes on an on.

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
He keeps getting in "trouble", and seems to have a real hard time keeping focus when he is facing adversity. Where other players put their head down and work hard to get back, Avery makes remarks in the media, refuses to follow team rules etc.
Avery himself, out of all people, should know that it takes less for him to get fingers pointed at him. He has a history of this doing things that gets media attention, some less smart than other, and should do whatever he can to avoid negativ attention.
But he dosnt care.
What trouble did he get in as a New York Ranger?

His coach hates him, cut him before the season started after making him fly to Europe, lying to him about giving him a fair chance, and then mocked him on his way out the door.

He got a chance to return because of injuries, much to the chagrin of his coach, played fine for someone who was getting 6 minutes of ice time, was scratched game after game after game, and then was subsequently demoted again.

He's not an idiot. He knows his coach wants nothing to do with him and he knows that he has no chance at playing for this organization as long as Torts is here and the entire team isn't in the infirmary. Him being irritated shouldn't be much of a surprise. Him wearing jeans and sneakers in the AHL isn't a big deal. He was reprimanded for breaking that rule. End of story. He has no shot at "making it back". This coach wants nothing to do with him. Do you not get that?

What comments has he made to the media that were blasphemous or inaccurate?

Your post is typical of all the anti-Avery stuff. Generalizations. Assertions. Lots of fluff and innuendo. But not really actually saying anything of substance.

What else is new though.

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