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Originally Posted by StarBurns View Post
It seems that everyone who needs to defend the actions of openly whining to your agent and the media about a short term setback hasn't a clue what it takes to be a professional.
A player confiding in his agent is whining? Are you really going to stoop so low as to admonish professional athletes for having a support system and turning to that system when they are frustrated and in need of motivation and perhaps some clarity? Unfortunately not everyone can be as perfect as you seem to think you are (or so it seems). It wasn't a smart thing to admit to the TORONTO media, but his actions and comments were hardly sinful.

And while you want to harp on the kid for showing his frustrations for not getting to play, you seem to conveniently ignore that he also said that he knows that there is competition and he knows that he'll have to work hard and earn his spot. A guy who wants to play and is frustrated with not getting the opportunity but also decides to use that opportunity to create a fire in his belly and determination to prove his worth ... doesn't sound unprofessional to me. As far as I can tell, your some guy sitting behind your computer screen criticizing a guy for venting his frustrations while Franson is the guy playing in the NHL and has done what he said he would - earn his spot. But you can keep talking about professionalism all you like. I'm sure if there were awards for armchair professional athletes, you'd probably earn a prize but unfortunately for you, that's not how real life works.

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