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01-17-2012, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by HeShootsHeScores View Post
Miller Time, don't play it dumb. You knew what this thread was about. Clue : preventing tankers to post. If you don't want your team to win, just don't post in this thread. there are about 20 threads already that talks about tanking and having a 1st round superstar pick. Just bump one.
i didn't post anything about the draft status or "tanking" in this thread...

simply replied to an obnoxious post whose sole purpose was to be negative, in a thread that was supposed to be about being positive about the team.

what real fan doesn't want their team to win? some look at a big picture context, some focus on the short term, but i've yet to come across any real fan who legitimately watches an individual game and derives pleasure from a loss.

even the most ardent "tankers" (a label i'm hesitant to use, but you get the point), respond positively when the team scores/wins in GDT and react negatively to goals against/losses... even if the reality of the situation quickly allows them to feel better about it given the long-term context of moving closer to a higher draft pick/potential franchise player.

no playing dumb, just sick of the proverbial high horse approach that always leads to threads being derailed away from intelligent (if often overly emotional... fan does come from fanatic, does it not?) conversation

Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
while i agree with what you say, this thread is about one perspective really, which is making the po more then being positive about habs long term. its probably as one sided as the thousands of fire martrin fire everyone threads all this season. this thread is about blind faith more then anything. and i think thats just fine.
neo fury, gg, myself, and a few other posters obviously interpreted it slightly differently.

and until Coldplay's negative attack, the thread seemed to be moving along nicely.

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